Crowns and Veneers

Know your Options for A Better, Healthier Smile

Our smiles are often one of the first things people notice about us. A healthy, happy smile can do wonders for self esteem and confidence. If you are considering enhancing the look of your smile, you are in luck! Dental science has never had so many options—from safe, quick, and easy professional whitening systems, to long-lasting restoration methods such as bonding, veneers, and crowns. Lawrence Park Dental has helped many patients achieve the look they want while maintaining or strengthening function.

What’s Right for Me?

The professionals at Lawrence Park Dental can help you choose the best cosmetic dentistry option for you. Patients often ask us “what’s the difference between whitening, veneers, and crowns?” Whitening is used to correct tooth discoloration caused by aging, what we eat or drink, or chemical damage. We offer customized whitening trays and solution that bubbles stains out of your tooth enamel. This take-home method is a simple, cost-effective method that safely removes stains from most teeth. There is minimal time investment on your part as well—you can even whiten at night when you sleep! Once your teeth reach your desired brightness (we advise you on this as well) you will need occasional brightness maintenance treatments. Lawrence Park Dental’s professional whitening systems are safe and won’t damage your tooth enamel or dental work.

What If I Need Something More?

Some patients need more than stain removal—their teeth may be chipped, or they have a gap they want to cover up, or their teeth need strengthening. Porcelain veneers and crowns may be their best options for a dazzling, healthy smile. As always, it is best to trust the professionals at your North York dental office to help you decide what cosmetic dentistry options will work for your unique needs. Veneers are thin lays of porcelain that are bonded to the front of existing teeth. Veneers require more in-office work than whitening, but they can also correct correct crowded or overlapping teeth—and with proper care, the last decades.

Crowns are, as their name indicates, are thin (2 mm) tooth-shaped shells or covers that go over the whole tooth. They act as both a restoration and a cosmetic enhancement. As a cosmetic dentistry option, they look good and they also protecting your teeth from further damage.

If you’re curious about cosmetic dentistry and want to further investigate what we have to offer, give Lawrence Park Dental at call and schedule a consultation: 416 488-7454.

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