Dental Floss

How To Properly Use Dental Floss

Most people brush their teeth a couple of times per day but many neglect a very important part of cleaning their teeth which is using dental floss. So, do you know how to dental floss? Many people don’t know the proper procedure for using and dental floss. This guide should help you learn how to properly use your dental floss to clean your teeth.

Why use Dental Floss?

When you use your toothbrush this cleans the surface of your teeth. You can clean both the back and the front of your teeth. This removes the debris on your teeth and helps to reduce the chances of tooth decay and other problems. The main problem with brushing your teeth is that it doesn’t get between the teeth and this is where food can get stuck, decay, and cause all sorts of problems with your teeth. This is why it is recommended that you use dental floss each time you brush your teeth because this removes the debris from between your teeth and helps to promote overall better oral hygiene.

How to Dental Floss

dental-floss-north-york-dentistBefore you use dental floss you should wash your hands because you’ll be putting these into your mouth as you move the dental floss around. You should take out around 18 inches or so of dental floss from the container. You can wind this a few times around your index or middle fingers.

You’re going to need to have a clean segment of floss for each tooth so you’re going to have to move the floss to a clean spot each time you use it. This is to ensure you don’t reintroduce debris that might be stuck on the floss back into the cracks between your teeth.

Try to keep the floss tight as you use it. You want to insert the floss between the cracks in your teeth and move it back and forth slightly. This will help remove the debris that is stuck between your teeth and get it out of your mouth. If you find that there is a lot of debris present, you can also simply rinse your mouth out with water as you use the floss.

Hand-Held and Electronic

electric-toothbrush_north-york-dentistThere are some flossers you can get which are handheld or electronic. Will simply have to follow the instructions on the packages of these products to floss your teeth. They can make it easier for individuals who don’t know how to dental floss or have never done it before. Some handheld flossers may be angled a bit which helps you reach difficult areas in their mouth

Signs of Blood

If you don’t use floss on a regular basis the introduction of floss between your teeth may cause some blood to appear simply because the gums aren’t used to having floss between the teeth and they need bleed slightly. If you do notice blood this isn’t for reason to panic you can simply wash your mouth out with water as you use the floss.

Don’t let the sight of blood stop you from completing you’re flossing regime each day. There should be less blood in your mouth the more often you floss your teeth.


Flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth. Make flossing a part of your oral hygiene regime for all round great oral health.

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