Digital Bite Analysis Benefits

Digital Bite Analysis Benefits

Gone are the days when you would have to bite down on carbon paper to record your bite. Today, you can simply opt for a digital bite analysis.

It’s a precise, easy-to-read, and painless procedure to examine your bite. It’s also quick and easy, eliminating multiple visits to your dentist.

Find out what digital bite analysis is, how it works, and discover the many digital bite analysis benefits.

What Is Digital Bite Analysis?

digital-bite-analysis-benefitsDigital bite analysis is a computerized test to measure the force and timing of your bite. It’s a great tool to check the alignment of dental implants, orthodontics, night guards, and more.

It can also help diagnose and treat oral problems generally linked with a bad bite. These include toothaches, teeth grinding and clenching, and mouth and jaw soreness. A bad bite can also come with non-dental issues like headaches, earaches, and facial discomfort.

Digital bite analysis is more precise than carbon paper biting and older bite assessment methods.

How Digital Bite Analysis Works

Digital bite analysis is a straightforward procedure despite its apparent complexity. And it can be done in just a few seconds.

You will first have to bite down on a thin, compact digital sensor. This sensor will pass on information to a computer that will analyze the force, location, and timing of your bite and render it in 3D.

The resulting data will help your dentist identify bite discrepancies. Based on these, your dentist can get started with the correct treatment.

Digital Bite Analysis Benefits

digital-bite-analysis-benefits-dentist-chairDigital bite analysis is painless, quick, and easy to perform. It also has greater accuracy and better results compared to its traditional counterparts, like using carbon or articulation paper.
Let’s take a closer look at the key digital bite analysis benefits.

1.Painless Procedure

Digital bite analysis is a 100% painless procedure. You only need to bite down on an ultra-thin sensor that fits in your mouth.

This will help measure your bite force, timing, and key locations. Based on these, your dentist will be able to understand your oral problems in order to treat them.

2. Quick and Easy

The bite analysis takes only a few seconds. You will have to bite on the sensor for some seconds and your dentist will access all data regarding your bite on a computer screen.

The process is also easy and does not require molds or other kinds of preparation. Plus, it eliminates multiple visits for adjustment. It’s a time saver both for you and your dentist.

3. Accurate Data

Digital bite analysis provides accurate and precise data. Your dentist will use the results of the analysis to prepare the right treatment plan for your specific oral conditions. Accurate data also makes for better and faster treatment.

4. Superior Technology

Digital bite analysis is superior to older methods of assessing a bite, such as biting on carbon or articulation paper. The vivid and colored graphics are also easier to read and understand.
The data is less susceptible to subjective interpretation, reducing the risk of errors creeping into the treatment plan.

What’s more, the technology helps record pre- and post-procedure details on the computer. This will help track your treatment progress right from the start.

5. Better Results

Do you have trouble chewing? Or do you constantly experience mouth soreness, facial discomfort, or jaw pain? Digital bite analysis enables your dentist to discover the exact cause of these issues.

It can also help identify dental problems that may cause muscle soreness, jaw pain, tooth fractures, bone loss, and more. All in all, this technology can give you better results and timely treatment.

Digital Bite Analysis Benefits – The Wrap Up

Digital bite analysis is a modern method to examine and perfect your bite.
Having a bad bite can be unpleasant since it causes uncomfortable symptoms like toothache, jaw pain, trouble chewing, and mouth soreness. On the other hand, a normal bite has both cosmetic and health advantages. So, perfect your bite and smile more with a quick, painless, and precise digital bite analysis.

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