Dry Mouth

Suffering from Xerostomia?

Hint: That is the official name of Dry Mouth

We bet that most of you don’t understand the important role that saliva plays in your mouth… that is unless you suffer from dry mouth (a.k.a. xerostomia).

Think of saliva as a force shield protecting your mouth against tooth decay. When you have a healthy amount of saliva in your mouth, it is able to wash away food and other debris from the surface of your teeth and neutralize acids produced by bacteria. Without saliva that same bacteria are free to invade your teeth, leaving you vulnerable to decay and periodontal disease.

But What Causes Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth is most often a side effect of certain medications, but less often, can be caused by a condition that directly affects the salivary glands. Dr. Queiroz or Dr. Somaschini will know your root cause after a thorough exam and review of your health and dental history. If you suspect you have dry mouth, but aren’t sure, ask yourself:

  • Do I often have a sore throat?
  • Is my voice often hoarse?
  • Do I have difficulty swallowing?
  • Does it feel like my saliva is thick and sticky?
  • Does my tongue feel dry and grooved?
  • Has the taste of food suddenly changed?

All of these are common symptoms of dry mouth and should be noted and addressed with your dentist in North York. Only then can they recommend treatment options, which might be as simple as adding foods and drinks to your diet that increase saliva flow such as sugar-free gum or hard-candy. Or you might possibly need an oral rinse to restore moisture. Whatever the cause, it is typically easy to address dry mouth concerns.

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