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In today’s world, most of us live a pretty hectic life and fitting your dental appointment in your schedule might not be the easiest task. Dentists play an essential role to help you maintain a good oral health which is equally important to your overall body health.

Regular visits to the dentist and hygienist at Lawrence Park Dental keeps your gums and teeth in perfect shape. As April is a National Oral Health Month, it’s a great time to put emphasis on your oral health.

There is a huge connection between oral health to the person’s entire overall health. According to the Canadian Dental Association, it is highly recommended to visit the dentists at least twice a year to ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles.

So why is it important to have a regular dental visits at Lawrence Park Dental?

  1. You might perform brushing and flossing twice daily but sometimes that’s not enough to maintain the optimal oral hygiene. The dental hygienist explains to you different techniques to brush and floss the teeth. During the appointment, the hygienists will also remove tartar and plaque which cannot be removed by brushing in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  2. Regular dental exams prevent you from oral diseases. There are around 20,000 Canadian who suffer from oral cancer each year. If the dental condition is diagnosed in its early stage, it can help you save your life.
  3. Another most important reason to visit the dentist is to prevent dental issues like gum disorders or tooth decay. Regular dental visits allow you to save teeth form root canal treatment or extractions.
  4. Dental examinations can identify signs of iron and vitamin deficiencies, osteoporosis, serious conditions like diabetes, cancer, glandular fever or others.
  5. In children, regular dental exams prevent your child to suffer from missing, crooked or crowded teeth, jaw problems and also allows the dentist to find signs of early cavities. Hygiene appointments are also recommended to remove plaque and tartar and also to keep their gums healthy.

Dental exams also include x-rays and their review. Lawrence Park Dental is equipped with digital x-rays for patient’s comfort while emitting less radiation than conventional x-rays.

If you have been putting off your dental appointment, give us a call today. The team at Lawrence Park Dental in North York would love the opportunity to help you maintain a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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