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Dentistry for Kids in North York

Kids are sensitive and prone to oral issues; therefore, it is important to take them for regular dental exams. At Lawrence Park Dental, we specialize in dentistry for kids. During our dental assessment, we thoroughly check your kid’s teeth and examine the risk of tooth decay. During the exam, we might apply fluoride or sealant in order to mitigate the tooth decay risk. Certain scenarios may also need digital radiography and other diagnostic procedures. Furthermore, evaluating diet and oral hygiene habits is an important aspect of oral exams for kids.

Oral Exams for Kids

It is important to take your kid’s for regular dental exams in order to prevent them from oral health issues. It allows us to determine the problem early and when they are easy to treat. There are different factors that determine how often your kids should have oral check-up. Risks of tooth decay, health, age, etc. are some prominent determining factors.

If your child is between 6 months and one year, then it is recommended to schedule a dental appointment after the eruption of the first tooth. Moreover, if your child is a toddler, in school, or in his/her adolescents, then it is recommended to schedule a dental appointment every six months. However, we may recommend you to bring in for more visit based on his/her oral health conditions.

During the examination process, we will clean the teeth of your kids thoroughly in order to get rid of any plaque or tarter. Post that fluoride is applied to the kid’s teeth that protect their teeth from bacteria. In certain cases, we might recommend for dental X-rays in order to assess the condition of teeth and gum in a more detailed manner. Based on the results, we advise a proper treatment for your kids in order to reduce the risks factors.

Oral Hygiene for Your Kids

The oral hygiene of your kid significantly contributes to his/her overall health. And oral health begins at home. Inculcating healthy habits in them from early on will help your kids continue to maintain proper hygiene throughout their life.

You must start oral care even before your child’s tooth starts to erupt. After feeding, make sure to wipe your kid’s gums using a clean and soft washcloth. This will help in reducing the chances of bacteria build-up. Once their teeth begin to erupt, make sure to brush them using a soft-bristled brush and a small rice-shaped quantity of fluoride toothpaste.

And as your child grows, their oral hygiene should also develop with them. By the age of 3, kids have a full set of baby or primary teeth. Around the age of 6, teeth start to fall, and permanent teeth begin to develop. By the age of 13, kids will have grown all their permanent teeth.

Throughout this transition, make sure your kids brush his/her teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. Teach them how to floss at an early stage in order to develop a good habit. And make sure you visit us every six months for a complete dental check-up.

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