Dental Implants Restore your Smile

Dental Implants

Achieve a look and function as close to real as possible

If you have cracked, broken or missing teeth, you probably understand, and have felt first-hand, the negative impact to your confidence and self-esteem. With so much tied into our smiles and creating that right first impression, it’s important to get the fix that restores your smile to its most natural state… dental implants do just that.

Beyond needing teeth for basic function, such as eating and speaking, your teeth play an important role in your mouth; so, the loss of a tooth can have far-reaching consequences, including permanent damage to the surrounding bone. Dentists can confirm that significant bone loss occurs after premature tooth loss leading to bite problems, loss of function, misalignment of teeth, and further tooth loss.

“Patients with missing or severely broken-down teeth often think that they are faced with a lifetime of dentures,” says Dr. Jose Olavo Queiroz. “That is absolutely not the case. Given the right situations, we tend to recommend dental implants as a fix for severe tooth damage. It often provides a much stronger, longer-lasting fix that enables complete mouth function with a look and feel that is close to natural.”

Patients Have Questions About Dental Implants

Despite positive advancements in dental technology, we understand that you might still feel anxiety about more invasive procedures, such as dental implants. With a little education and discussion, our Lawrence Park Dental team can help allay those fears. The reality is that any side-effects are often minimal and short-lived. Immediately following a dental implant, patients may experience slight swelling, bleeding, pain or sensitivity and/or bruising. However implant therapy procedures are much usually easier than tooth extraction procedures.

The real question is if the mild discomfort is worth the final outcome of having strong, permanent teeth that function as real. Plus, implants never get tooth decay or need a root canal, alleviating any concern about further surgery. With regular brushing, flossing and routine dental check-ups with the Lawrence Park Dental team, there is no reason that implants can’t last for the rest of your life.

If you still have questions about dental implants, don’t be shy to ask. A restored and brilliant smile can be yours… find it today.

If you have any other questions about family dental care at every stage, we invite you to talk with our North York dental team today. Your oral health matters to us and we strive to ensure our patients create healthy and lifelong habits.

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