Your dental insurance is a valuable benefit

Many employers provide benefits in addition to the salaries to their employees. An independent research indicates that the dental insurance ranks as one of the most desirable part of the benefits package.

There are so many different dental plans in the market right now, but most of them work in the same way.

There is an annual limit in dollar amount to be used, the frequency of some treatments, and, mostly important, the percentage of the treatment that is covered by your dental plan.

These limitations are based on the employer’s contract with the insurance company and it can vary based on your unique policy.

Understanding your dental insurance plan

It is important to understand how your insurance works before visiting the dentist.

You can call yourself or, in same cases, the dental office can call on your behalf to inquire about the coverage.

Dental services are classified under categories, and the coverage can vary for each of them. The dental administrator team member can always help you understand your plan.

Another option is to ask the dental office to send an estimate, also called “predetermination” to your insurance company. After reviewing it, they will determine your coverage for it.

Some plans require predetermination for treatment exceeding a specified dollar amount or for some specific dental treatments.

You should keep in mind that your dentist is the one who determines the treatment you need.

Relaying only on your dental benefits to maintain your dental health can be tricky and hazardous to your oral and general health.

Do you and your partner have dental benefits?

Remember to notify the dental office if  you are covered under two dental benefits plans.

Insurance plan benefits coordination can help protect your rights and maximize your entitled benefits.

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